Skunk Spray Deodorizer Emergency Kit

  • $20.00

Every dog owners nightmare - their pup getting skunked!  Now you can be prepared with Emergency Skunk Deodorizer Kit! 

This two step process combines a dry powder treatment that absorbs the oil that allows the skunk spray to stick to fur and other home surfaces for so long, as well as a wet Enzyme cleaner that will help eliminate all the proteins that cause that nasty smell.

As always, the Mydeye skunk deodorizer kit is hand crafted in our home with all natural, organic ingredients that are completely non-toxic and safe for your pets!

Each kit comes with everything you need to treat a skunk spray event: 

  • 4 oz bottle of dry pre-treatment
  • 8 oz bottle of wet enzyme treatment
  • latex-free gloves to keep the skunk oil off your hands while treating
  • a comb to remove the dry shampoo from your pets fur between the two treatments
  • directions on how to use the kit

One kit is good for most dog sizes.  If your dog is XL, you may need additional pre-treatment and/or enzyme treatment.

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