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Dry Doggie Shampoo / No Wash Dog Shampoo

  • $9.00

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pH balanced specifically for dogs, Mydeye’s Dry Doggie Shampoo can be used instead of, or in-between baths to eliminate excess oils and leave a fresh, clean smelling dog without the hassle of a full-blown bath. Plus, dogs LOVE this shampoo since it just feels like a great rub and pet session!

The perfect dog shampoo instead of baths for the winter months when you can't be outside with the hose and don't want to deal with wet fur in the bathtub. Just as great in the summer months between baths, just to spruce up the coat and get rid of that doggy smell.
Directions: On a dry dog, liberally sprinkle the dry dog shampoo powder over the fur (stay away from the face, as powder of any kind can irritate eyes if it blows in). Rub the powder into the dogs fur until it is completely absorbed. If you put too much on, just brush out any extra.
Available Scents: 
  • Blossom Falls: An outdoorsy, woody fragrance with hints of pine, sandalwood and fresh white freesia
  • Berry Day: Refreshing and light, filled with sweet fruit notes and soft florals
  • Spice Canyon (my favorite!!): Basil spice with sweet fruit top notes and a fresh woodsy base
  • Blue Lotus Agave: Soft & powdery floral and amber scent, intertwined with cool, green, musky aloe
Size: 4 oz bottle
Shampoo Ingredients: Baking Soda, Cornstarch, Natural Fragrance Oils & Love
About Mydeye Shampoo: 
My soaps are composed of all natural ingredients which are completely skin safe, paraben and phthalate-free. They are formulated specifically to support a dog’s more alkaline skin, and are all at or above pH 7 (a normal pH range for dog skin is 6 - 8.5). As with all skincare products, discontinue use if your pet experiences any irritation.

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