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Kitty Kuddles Cat Candle

  • $12.00

What's better at the end of a long day than some cuddles with the kitty and a sweet smelling candle?  It's is the perfect, fun gift for all the Cat Moms & Dads out there.


>>> 100% soy oil wax
>>> 100% natural cotton wick with soy wax covering 
>>> Non-toxic, cruelty free colorants
>>> Makeup grade fragrance oils
>>> Recyclable jars / cups

>>> You choose the fragrance
>>> You choose the style/size


>>> Our candles are not mass made in a factory. Every one is hand blended for color and scent, and then hand poured into our recyclable glass jars and cups.


>>> Never leave a candle unattended
>>> Keep your soy candle out of direct sunlight
>>> Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4", and do not allow it to curve over or mushroom
>>> Use a candle snuffer when putting out your candle - liquid wax can burn skin, 
         and is prone to splashing if wicks are blown on.


>>> Size / Shape Options:
           >> 6 oz glass hex jar with gold lid
           >> 4 oz glass hex jar with gold lid
           >> 3 oz glass votive cup

>>> FragranceOptions:  Please remember that scent is subjective to each person - what I see as blue, you may see as purple.  In addition, because our candles are hand made there will be variations from candle to candle in both scent and color.  Descriptions are designed to give you an idea of the color and scent, not an exact match.

           >> Apple Cider
                Spicy apple cider with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove
          >> Berry Cobbler
                Strong blueberry and cherry scents with a sweet finish
           >> Coffee
                 A fresh coffee blend with notes of coffee bean
           >> Cucumber Absinthe
                 Crisp cucumber with a blend of amber and woods, and notes of anise, 
                 cinnamon, fennel, nutmeg and fresh green herbs.
           >> Dirt & Wood
                 An earthy aroma of dirt with subtle cut wood undertones
           >> Fresh Lime Basil
                 Strong lime scent with hints of vanilla and basil
           >> Honeysuckle
                 Notes of spicy rose and sweet jasmine
           >> Peppermint
                A strong refreshing peppermint scent


>>> Smoke-free studio
>>> Follows CDC guidelines for COVID-19 protection
>>> Made in the USA in Illinois

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