Applying Decals

To apply Mydeye decals:

  1. Wash the area you are applying to throroughly.
  2. Wipe the area with alcohol to remove any potential residue.
  3. Remove the paper backing from the decal
  4. Place the decal on the surface, sticky side down
  5. Scrape over the top of the vinyl covering with the edge of a credit card or other stiff plastic, pressing firmly to ensure the adhesive is stuck to the surface.
  6. Peal back the vinyl covering, making sure to peal as close to horizontally as possible.  Do not lift the vinyl up and back, but just back.  If the decal comes with the vinyl cover, replace the cover and apply more pressure to the decal before attempting to remove the cover again.

Your decal is made with heavy duty outdoor sign vinyl, which means if applied correctly, the decal will last on your vehicle or other outdoor locations for years - through all weather and even through car washes.