Hall of Fame

We love seeing pets and people wearing our products, and thought you would too!  Do you and your pet love their Mydeye?  Send us your photo and we’ll post it here! 

You Threw It, You Go Get It Dog Bandana  Isley Birthday Girl Dog Bandana  Don't Shop Adopt Tucker  Pet Me Please Dog Bandana - Bella  All American Pup - Buster  Roan Squirrel Patrol  Celebration Tuxedo Bandana  Wedding Dog - Tuxedo Bandana  Princess Lilly  Princess Ruby  Bandana of the Month Club  Woody & Hazel Jean Fan Club  Camping Dog Bandana    Superman  Wonder Woman Bandana  US Navy Bandana - Baily  Squirrel Patrol  Custom Order Bandana  Squirrel Patrol  Wonder Woman  Wiggle Butt  Matzah Man  Pet Me Please Blue  Squirrel Patrol  I'm Cute Dog Bandana  Pet Me Please Pink            Official Turkey Tester - Hazel                No Tricks Bandana of the Month Club Woody  Bandana of the Month Club - Oogie  Squirrel Patrol Henry Ford  Irish Dog Bandana  Really a Cat Bandana  Krypto and Colt in Mydeye Superdog Bandana      US Navy bandana    thanksgiving Dog Bandanas    Thunder Big Brother  breast cancer bandana    Watch Hockey and Pet the Dog  Are you sleeping here too? Dog Bandana  Wiggle Butt Dog Banana    White Sox Dog Bandanna            Dog Bandana - Pet Me Please  US Marines - Dog Bandana  Dog Bandana Warning I Give Kisses Custom Bandana    Wiggle Butt Bandana  Princess Bandana  halloween bandana yellow labrador      Lap dog Bandana  Wiggle Butt Bandana  therapy dog custom bandana yellow labrador                                                                                                                              

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