[Your Pet], Sarcasm & Chocolate Shirt

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Announce to the world that you are currently running on nothing but Dogs, Sarcasm and Chocolate!

Also available for cats and other pets, as well as other sources of happiness! Just write the type of pet you want, and the source in the comments section.

For example: 

  • Currently Running on Cats, Sarcasm and Caffeine - just write Cats /Caffeine
  • Currently Running on Rats, Sarcasm and Wine - just write Rats/Wine


  • Color choice is for the word SARCASM.  All other text will be in white.  
  • Raglan Shirts will have red sleeves if red glitter is chosen, gray sleeves for all other colors. 
  • Hand detailed and made with heat transfer vinyl that has a soft feel and holds up wash after wash so you will enjoy your shirt for years with no change in the quality of design  
  • Glitter vinyl chemically bonds to the fibers of the shirt so there is no loss of bling even after years of washing!   
  • Shirts are machine washable - turn inside out and wash in cold, tumble dry.  

Shirt Details & Specs - for details and sizing specifications on all our available shirts, go to https://mydeye.com/pages/shirt-specs  

Shirts are created in a non-smoking studio.