What's in a Name? The Origins of the Mydeye Name


Mydeye.  I am always being asked:  How do you pronounce that?  Where did that name come from? (and from my marketing friends) Why would you choose such a weird name for your business.

It’s really kind of simple.

There have always been three constant priorities in my life:  family & friends, a love of pets, and a love of crafting.  I have probably tried every type of craft out there at one time or another - scrapbooking, stamping, sewing, crochet / knitting, jewelry making, painting, pottery... and the list goes on.  What I love about it, is taking one thing and making something totally different.  Something useful and desirable - especially when it is appreciated by one of my other priorities.

When I started Mydeye, I was just trying to do something creative that would pay for itself, and still allow me to spend time with my family and friends.

Martina McBride My Daughter's Eyes Album Cover

There is a song by Martina McBride that I have loved since my daughter was born: In My Daughter's Eyes.  It talks about how, while she is young, in my daughter's eyes I am a hero - strong and wise and everything good in the world - teaching her everything she needs to know.  But in reality, it is she that has taught me, pushed me into being a better human being, and made me into the person I am.  And when she is grown and has a family of her own, I hope that the people around her will be able to see me through her eyes - as someone who she is still proud of, and who knows how much she meant to me.

Shelby's Eyes

​The name Mydeye (/Mī ’ˑ dī/) is a direct link to that song.  MyDEYE (My Daughter's EYEs) is part of my attempt to be a woman that my daughter can be proud of.  I am building a business from something that I love doing. I am working that business without having to let go of my other responsibilities, while incorporating our family passion for animals, as well as an overall ability to work and strive together. 

And I hope, when my daughter is grown and leaves to raise her own family, that she will still be able to see me as a hero.  Not someone who has all the answers or can fix anything that's wrong, but someone who tried their best to make a good life for her family. Someone who taught her how to find the thing she wants to do in life and to work hard to accomplish her goals.


Whats in a Name the origins of the Mydeye company name

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