Keep your Furry Friends Healthy this Autumn


Happy fall y'all!   Today is the first day of autumn, and autumn is my favorite time of the year.  Crisp air, snugly sweatshirts, and a canvas of colors all around us. And with a few conscious choices to keep out pets safe, we can all enjoy an emergency room free autumn season!

Rodenticides, Rat Poisons & Insecticides

rat poison

With the cooler weather comes rodents and bugs trying to get inside your house to find a warm place to relax through the winter.  And that means more poisons and traps inside your home.  Make sure that pets stay far away from not only the poisons themselves, but also from the rodents and bugs that eat them.  And if you have a service that protects your house from pests, ask them about using a pet safe alternative.

Keep School Supplies Out of Paws’ Reach

school supplies dog health hazards

 Lots of paper, plastic and wood in those school supplies - very tempting for a pup, but not so good for them!  Make sure all your new school supplies are put away and out of reach of interested noses and jaws.

Steer Clear of Mushrooms

Many mushrooms are quite tasty and absolutely safe for eating.  BUT many are actually quite poisonous.  And sometimes it can be very hard to tell the difference.  Unless you are a fungi expert, it's safer to just avoid those earthy, umami bombs and keep your pets away from any wild mushrooms - even the one's growing in your yard!

Watch Out for Wildlife

dog safety rabbies racoon

Many wild animals use the autumn to bulk up on fat storage before food gets sparse in the winter.  That means that they will be more aggressive than usual.  That, in addition to diseases that can easily be spread animal to animal, it's best to keep domesticated animals away from their wild cousins and wannabe playmates.  


Ticks are active all year round, and some are even the MOST active in the fall.  To get more detailed information on ticks you can read this Pet Health Network article, but just know that you need to continue tick protection all year long.

The fall season brings highly caloric foods and drinks that don't end with the Halloween candy bowl.

Sharing human treats can be dangerous and even deadly. Stay away from desserts, candies, fatty meat and trimmings, bones, gravies, calorie-dense casseroles, and seasoned sides. Don't forget garlic and onions are toxic!

Consider adding pumpkin to your pet's diet if you are looking for a healthy nutritious seasonal treat.

Pumpkin is a great treat for your dog - super healthy and nutritious while still being "people food".  Packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals - and let's not forget the fiber, fresh or canned pumpkin will be a tasty treat for your dog this autumn.  Just make sure it's just the pumpkin and not the pumpkin pie!

Make sure your pet shines - even in the dark!

As days get shorter, you may find that your early morning or evening walks are done while it’s dark out. For pet safety, wear bright colors, and make sure your pet is wearing a reflective collar or blinking light so you both are visible to cars.


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