When adopting, don't succumb to BDS


Is your family thinking of adopting a dog this spring?  Many rescues swear there is a bias against adopting black animals - both cats and dogs.  They call it BDS or Black Dog Syndrome.  Our local rescue even has Black Dog Adoption Events in order to encourage people to adopt black dogs. 

Many reasons are given for why black fur turns people away - superstitions of evil, hard to see in the dark, more aggressive than other animals, etc - but no matter what the reasons, whether true or false, the problem remains, and many black dogs remain in rescues and shelters. 

So here are some reasons why you DO want to think about adopting a black dog:

1. Adopting a black dog means your family photos will get an instant upgrade. A beautiful black dog in your photos is sure to rake in the comments and likes.

2. It’s well known in the fashion world that the color black goes well with everything. Black dogs have the best coat because it goes with anything! Dress her in hot pink one day and deep blue the next. Spot, stripes, plaid or checks – anything goes!

3. Black dogs look cleaner for longer periods compared to lighter colored dogs, unless, of course, they just finished running through the mud!

4. Black never goes out of style! Owning a black dog is like owning a Tiffany’s watch – it’s priceless and will always be in vogue.

5. Black dogs are just as friendly and loyal as any other dog.

6. They make good snow dogs! Try finding a white or yellow puppy buried in a few feet of snow! If you live where snow is common during the winter, you’ll have a blast playing outside with your dog!

7. They look great in any color or type of collar. No matter what kind of dog collar you buy for your dog, they are guaranteed to look great wearing it.

8. There’s nothing quite like seeing your shiny black dog after a much-needed bath.

9. Some recent studies on black furred dogs and cats suggest black dogs have a slight edge in life expectancy compared to other dogs.

10. The nice thing about black fur, is it blends right into all your business suits (unlike white hair!). So you can hug your dog good bye and still go to the office looking sharp.

11. If you are looking for a dog that looks scary, without actually being scary, for those long walks in the evening, a big black dog is the way to go. He might be the sweetest scaredy-cat on the planet, but he will look tough, which often is enough to intimidate potential threats.

12. We know there are those of you that want your dog to “match” your décor. The great thing about a black dog – he goes with everything. So it’s okay if you paint the walls or get a new couch, he’ll still match.

Black dogs need you! The truth is, in many adoption centers and shelters, black dogs are overlooked and can’t wait to be adopted into their new home of loving humans.  Having adopted a black dog ourselves, I can honestly tell you that they are just as sweet, loving and cuddly as any other dog, and many of them need your help much more.

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